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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need a referral to receive at home services? 
A: No, you can call directly to schedule your appointment.

Q: Do I have to be home bound to qualify for a house call visit?
A: No, anyone may can have a house call visit, regardless of their condition- but they may have to pay for the services out of their own pocket, unlike those who are home bound and have Medicare.

Q: Does my insurance cover house call visits?
A; That depends on your insurance; Medicare covers the full price, while Medicaid only pays for a small portion. You may call to inquire about private insurances. There is also the option to pay in cash.

Q: How often does the doctor come?
A: The doctor comes as needed by your medical condition, but he also does a routine follow up every four weeks. 

Q: Do I lose my primary physician if I request a house call visit?
A: No, your primary physician remains the same, the house call doctor only comes as needed when you cannot see your regular doctor. However, if you desire, he can become your primary physician. 

Q: Can a house call physician write out prescriptions for me?
A: Yes, certainly; often times he will contact the pharmacy directly for you to make sure you receive your medication from the closest vendor. He can also provide you with all necessary forms and health services.  Not only that, but he can provide you with more home services than your doctor because he knows your household limitations and needs.

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